Dura Soft-ProLiner

With Dura Soft-ProLiner your denture will fit like new, and you will be able to eat what you want, when you want! Denture Reline Kit | Dura Soft-ProLiner.  Do it yourself (DIY) Denture Reline Kit - Soft Denture Reline.  Zinc free! Made in the USA!

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Denture reline

Dura Soft-ProLiner

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Soft denture reline

Dura Soft-ProComfort

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Dura Soft denture reline kits:

Dura Soft-ProLiner & ProComfort

A breakthrough in dentistry has found a long lasting temporary cure for loose and irritating dentures with an amazing NEW do-it-yourself dental material called Dura Soft-Pro. You no longer have to pay $175 - $225 to have your dentures relined by a dentist. Now, with Dura Soft-ProLiner or Dura Soft-ProComfort, you can reline your own denture easily at home with the same denture reline material that you would receive from your dentist. This is the ONLY material of its kind that's sold to the public, and it makes store bought denture reline material obsolete. Dura Soft-ProLiner and Dura Soft-ProComfort are a specially formulated powder and liquid, that when mixed and applied to a denture, and placed into the mouth, forms a perfect, true-fitting, temporary denture reline that lasts up to 2 years! It forms to your gums as they are now, not as they were when you received your denture. Dura Soft-ProLiner and Dura Soft-ProComfort are specially formulated to stay soft but firm, and to save your gums from the wear and tear of hard plastic dentures, and to give a long lasting denture reline that feels and GREAT! We are offering this product to you in 2 different formulas. The first formula, is our (semi-soft) Dura Soft-ProLiner, and the second formula is our (soft) Dura Soft-ProComfort denture reline kits!

Denture reline

Protect your gums from hard dentures!

Professional denture reline

Stop Gum Shrinkage!

Hard plastic dentures wear down gums, causing the dentures to become loose, which causes soft gum tissue to become irritated and sore. When this occurs, you must have a denture reline. Dura Soft-ProLiner and Dura Soft-ProComfort's resilient texture protects gums from denture wear and saves your remaining gums. What happens when your gums are worn out? Think about it! It's bad enough to wear dentures, let alone having them wear your gums down to nothing! Let Dura Soft-ProLiner or Dura Soft-ProComfort take all the punishment so your gums don't have to! Why feel miserable, insecure, or embarrassed, when you don't have to? Dura Soft-ProLiner and Dura Soft-ProComfort denture reline kits tightens, cushions, relieves irritation (sore gums), eliminates the need for cheap adhesives, and stops gum shrinkage, saving you time and money with our denture reline.
'Professional Denture Reline Kit. Dura Soft Pro-Liner For Dentures '

Denture reline

Professional Grade Denture Reline!

Available only at our Dura Soft Website. If you are truly dissatisfied with your loose and irritating dentures, and tired of your gums shrinking year after year, try our Dura Soft-ProLiner or Dura Soft-ProComfort denture reline kit now, and rid yourself of denture misery for good! Dura Soft-ProLiner and Dura Soft-ProComfort is specially formulated for problem denture wearers, and provides a comfortable denture reline. Try our professional do-it-yourself, denture reline kits today. 

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Denture reline kit

Facts about gum shrinkage:

 Did you ever wonder why, that after wearing your dentures for 1-2 years, they become loose and irritating? It's because of your hard plastic dentures.  Your dentures are much harder than your soft gum tissue.  After a year or two of use, your soft gum tissue will start to wear down (getting smaller), causing your dentures to become loose and irritating, which will create sore spots on you gums. This is the reason Dura Soft denture reline was perfected, to STOP gum shrinkage! Dura Soft-ProLiner and Dura Soft-ProComfort's resilient texture (bounce back elasticity) stays soft but firm to protect your gums from the wear of your hard plastic dentures. As long and you reline your dentures (denture reline) with Dura Soft-ProLiner or Dura Soft-ProComfort denture reline kits, your gums will not shrink to any degree.  If your gums do not shrink, you will always be able to wear dentures with "Satisfaction"!Try one of our denture reline kits today!

Save time and money with dura soft denture reline kits!

Professional Do-it-Yourself Denture Reline Kit!

Dura Soft-ProLiner is a do-it-yourself home denture reline kit, that allows you to do a denture reline in the privacy of your own home. Our denture reline kits are easy to use! Just mix the professional grade power and liquid thats included in our denture reline kit, pour it in your denture and place the denture into your mouth. This product is similar to Sensi-Dent and Denturite, but far exceeds their performance! Try our denture reline today, and experience the same result that you would receive from a dentist, at a fraction of the cost! Our denture reline kits work, and are easy to use. We have 2 to choose from. If you have loose dentures, give us a try, and you will be glad that you did. Loose Dentures and denture problems are our specialty, and we have the cure. Our family has been in the denture business for 3 generations, and we know dentures! Give us a try for your denture needs, and rid yourself of loose dentures, irritating dentures, sore gums and irritated gums. Both Dura Soft-ProLiner and Dura Soft-ProComfort are zinc free and made in the USA!

Soft denture reline

a soft Flexible Denture Reline Kit alternative to denture adhesive

What is Dura Soft-ProLiner?

-Dura Soft-ProLiner®is a temporary soft denture reline kit designed to reduce or even eliminate the need for denture adhesive.

-Use this product to temporarily improve the comfort and fit of your denture.

-Dura Soft-ProLiner® uses a natural-colored self-setting soft reline acrylic.

-As it cures, it adheres to your denture and conforms to your gums and roof of mouth.

-This customized suction creates a fit that is tight and secure.

Soft denture reline

WHO Should Use Dura Soft?

-Denture wearers (full or partials) who are between professional relines and who normally use denture adhesive, cushions, pads or over-the-counter liners

-New denture wearers experiencing looseness as swelling subsides. Dura Soft is not for use immediately following extractions.

-People suffering from soreness of gums from dentures

Denture reline kit

Why should I use Dura Soft?

Denture reline

BENEFITS of a Dura Soft Denture Reline

Simplify Your Life

-Many users experience relief and healing of “hot spots” and inflamed gums.

-Since the soft reline remains in place in your denture, you won’t have to change it every day.

-One application can last for months and up to 2 years(depending on the individual).

-No one knows your mouth as well as you do. Once you understand how to use Dura Soft and determine how to make it work best for you, you will be able to maintain a good fit between visits to the dentist.

-Customized for you. Dura Soft-ProLiner® uses soft flexible material just like dentists use for soft relines. As the reline material bonds to your denture, the self-curing material makes an impression of your gums and roof of your mouth. This creates a customized suctioned fit which is tight and secure.

-Cushions. The reline stays soft and supple in your denture which provides cushioning comfort against your hard denture base.

-Fills voids. Your mouth is ever-changing after teeth are extracted. Swelling decreases. Mouth tissues can decrease. Loss of bone occurs. These changes can create voids where tissue or bone once was. A snug denture can become loose. Our soft reline helps to fill in voids between your mouth and your denture.


reline denture


Thank you! I just received my Dura Soft Pro liners. These were so simple to do, and my dentures fit so much better now. At a time like this when I cannot get into my dentist, I can't tell you how happy I was to receive this product so fast. You guys are heroes! I will definitely be ordering more of this product in the near future.Thank you!!!!

Kathy Rambler, NY

My dentures stay in now and don't flop around or pop out. Thanks Dura Soft, I'm now a customer for life!

Judy Beam, TX.

They are staying in! I can eat again with my dentures. Great suction and cushion. Thanks!!!!!

George Pratt, OK.

Great product! I can wear my dentures with confidence now. I just ordered more for my wife and friend.

James Carr, IN.

Wow! Just relined my dentures and that was easy! Saved me a trip to the dentist and saved me a bunch of money! Thanks for making such a great product!

Amy Pride, FL.

I tried Dura Soft-ProComfort because I have sensitive gums. My sore spots are now gone and my teeth stay snug while talking and eating. Thanks guys!

Cindy Marks, NY.

ProSoft liner turned out to be much better than the reline that I got at the dentist. This product made the perfect impression and the first time I've been able to wear my "new" dentures in months. The texture is soft yet not gooey, it seems to be stable and secure and has given me the perfect fit, which I've never experienced since I got my dentures a year ago. I have tried many adhesives and this is the first "at home" reline that I've used. I will definitely stick with this. I highly recommend trying.

Thank you so much, Candy Little

Candy Little

I cant thank you enough! I am so happy with my smile because of this! Plwase let me know where I can go to put an official "VERY HAPPY AND SATISFIED" review of Dura-Soft... I would really like to publically share how happy I am with my WHOLE experience! Thank you so much for your quick response to my address issue and for getting it to me so fast!

Michael Murphy

Can't give enough stars to recommend this product, it would fill the entire space for my review! Absolutely love the suction, comfort of as soft lining, all around durability. Taste is really mild and faded away quickly. No more need to use those nasty powders, glues. I have finally found the #1 product for I sneeze or cough. It's like they're cemented in my mouth without really being. I will definitely be stocking up on your SUPERB Soft lining!! 100 STARS!!

Kristine Molmen
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