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Dura Soft-ProLiner
Dura Soft-ProLiner
Dura Soft-ProLiner
Dura Soft-ProLiner

Dura Soft-ProLiner

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Dura Soft-ProLiner is a long lasting temporary cure for loose and irritating dentures.  You no longer have to pay $175 - $225 to have your dentures relined by a dentist.  Now, with Dura Soft-ProLiner, you can reline your own denture easily at home for ​$19.95, with the same denture reline material that you would receive from your dentist.  This is the ONLY material of its kind that's sold to the public, and it makes store bought denture reline material obsolete.  Dura Soft-ProLiner is a specially formulated powder and liquid, that when mixed and applied to a denture, and placed into the mouth, forms a perfect, true-fitting, temporary denture reline that lasts up to 2 years!  It forms to your gums as they are now, not as they were when you received your denture(s).  Dura Soft-ProLiner is specially formulated to stay soft but firm, and to save your gums from the wear and tear of hard plastic dentures, and to give a long lasting denture reline that feels GREAT!​ 
- With Dura Soft you can eat  what you want, when you want!
- Dura Soft helps seal out food particles!
- Semi-Soft formula
- 1 kit relines 1 denture
- Select drop down box to select quantity
- The more you buy, The more you save!

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